With a strong desire to develop the use of Ahimsa (non-harm) silk in my art work, I began research and trial pieces early in 2009. Plans are to produce a line of rozome wax-resist shawls and scarves as well as larger scrolls and hangings using ahimsa and wild silk from the tribal communities of India and other Asian countries.

To be in harmony with the environment and all living beings.

Kiranada Sterling Benjamin
August 2009

Betsy is now Kiranada—

She was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order www.aryaloka.org during a three-month retreat in Aragon, Spain and has become Kiranada “she who gives or radiates moonlight”

In 2014-15 Kiranada went on a year-long solitary retreat in New Zealand. Watch as she recounts her experience. Youtube, 1 hour

silk moth on cocoonThe Story of the Silk Moth:
Kiranadā learns first-hand
about its life cycle.

Click here to read Kiranada's statement from the catalogue of her Spring 2011 show in Bali.

Kiranada Sterling Benjamin

Kiranada Sterling Benjamin, by Lisa Mahoney

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