Rozome definition


The World of Rozome: Wax-Resist Textiles of Japan (original hardback edition)
by Betsy Sterling Benjamin, 1996, Kodansha International, Tokyo; 227 pages. Out of print.

The World of Rozome: Wax-Resist Textiles of Japan (paperback)
by Betsy Sterling Benjamin, 2002, Kodansha International, New York, NY, 917-322-6235; 223 pages, foreword by Jason Pollen, illustrated. $49.94 paperback.

In this reprint of a 1996 book, Betsy Sterling Benjamin, an artist who has specialized in kimono design, the history of Japanese costume and traditional resist processes, traces the history and long tradition of wax-resist textile making — rozome, the shortened form of roketsuzome — in Japan and its practice today. Working with brushes, rozome artists have developed techniques in shading, control and luminosity that set their work apart from the batik of other countries. Benjamin includes interviews with 17 contemporary artists who discuss their lives and diverse approaches to the craft, from application on kimonos to sculptural works. A section on techniques has recipes and step-by-step illustrated instructions.

Currently out of print; for availability contact the artist.
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